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Our History

The Dueñas Family got involved in the leather industry back in 1928, when Don Juan Dueñas Gándara founded the first Dueñas Tannery because of the need of vegetable tanned leather used to manufacture sandals which were one the most common shoes at that time in Mexico.
The company operated in Morelia’s city from 1928 to 1978, during those years his sons started to get involved in the business and in 1973 one of them “Jaime Dueñas Corona” went to Spain to study at the “Escuela Nacional Superior de Curtiduría” ( National Tanning) in the city of Igualada and graduated as a “Chemical Tanning Engineer” in 1976.
After finishing his studies, Jaime Dueñas went back to Mexico and decided to grow and innovate the family business. He moved to the city of Leon, (because of the city’s tanning tradition) with his brother Juan Dueñas Jr., where both founded and worked together at the “Tenería Dueñas“ company until 1983 when for strategic and convenience reasons they decided to split the business and create 2 companies out of it.
The first one “Tenería Dueñas del Centro S.A. de C.V.” fully dedicated to vegetable tanning processes, where Juan Dueñas still is the General Director. Jaime Dueñas founded the second company, “Curtidos Futura S.A. de C.V. “a firm dedicated to chrome tanning processes. Now a days Futura has more than 25 years of experience in which has kept its original compromise for innovation and quality in all of our processes and products.